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about us

We are experienced commercial mortgage brokers offering funding to help your business grow.

At Commercial Finance we are solely dedicated towards finding financial solutions for the community.
We are a focused broker packager providing a range of supporting services which allow residential brokers and other introducers to increase their income from Commercial Finance with very little help and assistance.
We are a commercial mortgage broker/packager with a focus on commercial prime business but with the expertise skills and contacts to place the non-conforming sector. This also allows all commercial opportunities passed to Commercial Finance to be place with the best lender, no matter on the circumstances of the client/company.

We take a positive proactive view to every application and we have no need to encumber busy applicants with demands for Business Plans, CV’s, Projected Figures.

We believe the best person to run your business is you and not an account manager. We will not pester you for updates, accounts, or force visits by business managers upon you as the required documents will be requested at the start of the application.

We will allow you to determine the use of your funds, be it to pay off the mortgage/finance, new purchase, overdrafts, expensive loans or credit cards.

We understand that the entrepreneur may have come across difficulties in the past and in most cases can be and mortgage arrears with just a simple letter of explanation.
Our ability to allow the independent business person to declare his own income.

Positive and Proactive view


Fees are charged, but only payable on completion

Excludes any lender’s own administration and valuation fees

All such charges are transparent and will be advised at the earliest opportunity No fees will be incurred without the client’s express consent and Instruction

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