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Buy 2 Let Finance

We are the Buy 2 Let Broker-Packager at

buy to let joint venture finance uk

We can offer you a selection of buy to let mortgages rates from our exclusive group of lenders.

Up to 80% loan to value Trading companies and SPV’s UK companies registered off shore Day one trading companies with no accounts No minimum income

The buy to let market (BTL) mortgage market is vast, so expert advice tailored for the individual borrowers is tough to find.  There are so many niches within the sector which is why there are specialists for each one of them, including houses of multiple occupancy (HMO) MORTGAGES,    Limited company BTL deals, buy to let mortgages for borrowers with a history of adverse credit and many more.

BTL mortgages, Borrowers with complex income,  Non-standard property types,  Later life borrowers,  Experienced landlord. If you come into any of these categories we can help you.

Having adverse credit against your name could be the difference between securing a top deal or having to settle for a unfavorable interest rate.

Our lenders offer best rates of interest to the following.


A missed credit cards payment is less severe than a bankruptcy for instance and the older the  credit issue the better.

Mainstream  lenders usually prefer borrowers to be in, secure full time employment, but we can connect you with our expert buy to let mortgage advisors whose income includes the following.

  • Self employed earnings              
  • Bonuses                  
  • Commission             
  • Benefits                  
  • Pensions

Some buy to let mortgage providers won’t lend to anyone over the age of 75, other extend that limit to 85 and a minority will impose no age cap at all, as long as they are confident you the borrower will be capable of repaying the loan throughout your retirement years.

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